Types of Quadrangles

Types of Quadrangles

4 colour Risograph poster print.
Size: 210*297mm, A4
Printed in Munken Lynx, 170gsm.

The 'Useful Information Series’ is an exemplar of Bomull’s design approach - useful and beautiful, visually and informationally.

The poster presents 8 different types of convex quadrangles: Scalene Trapezium, Isosceles Trapezium, Rhomboid, Rectangle, Square, Right Trapezium and Kite.

This poster will be a great resource not just for children but anyone who loves shapes and colours!

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The process of Riso printing is akin to a silk-printing, resulting in rich and vibrant colours with overlaying tones. Registration is not perfect, especially when there are more than two colours. This is due to the nature of the Riso printing process - which we think only adds to its charm. Each print will be slightly different.

Prints come unmatted and unframed.
Prints will be shipped either flat in a solid board mailer or in a postal tube.